WorldQuest Travel Club Presents Best Disney World Travel Tips

Visiting DisneyWorld have never been so easy, now with these tips you will be ready to go!

WorldQuest Travel Club knows that the Star Island Resort and Club, found in Kissimmee, is one of the top vacation resort for travelers heading to Walt Disney World in 2016. With spacious and luxurious suites, pristine pools, bars, and more, guests will have everything they could need right at their doorstep. Many of the resort’s guests are undoubtedly planning a trip to nearby Walt Disney World so WorldQuest Travel Club assembled some of the best tips for travelers heading to the famous Orlando theme park.

One thing that many travelers may not realize is that the Disney World theme parks permit outside food and beverage inside the park, with some limitations. While travelers won’t be able to bring in glass bottles or cooking devices like mini-grills, Disney will allow in just about anything else. Considering that the price for a snack and a bottle of water is close to ten dollars, budget-conscious families may want to pack their own snacks to enjoy at their leisure throughout the day. Trail mix, apples, water bottles, and granola bars make great and healthy snacks that are easy to store in a small lunch bag and carry around in a backpack.

WorldQuest Travel Club also points out that besides preparing snacks, travelers can also plan out the majority of their day at Disney World before they even get to the parks. Thanks to the park’s Magic Band system, travelers can utilize their park ticket and the accompanying Magic Band bracelet to make reservations for all sorts of attractions and dining experiences. From priority seating at parades and events to getting through lines faster at some of the park’s most popular attractions, travelers should really take advantage of their Magic Bands when they visit Disney World.

Travelers should also keep in mind that the Disney theme parks put on special events throughout the year that some travelers may find particularly appealing. WorldQuest Travel Club advises travelers, especially those of legal drinking age, to visit EPCOT during the annual Food and Wine Festival held each and every fall. At the festival, guests can sample selections of wine, cheeses, meats, and beers from all of the countries in EPCOT’s World Showcase as well as many more countries which are brought in just for the festival. It’s one of Disney World’s best events and is always a big hit amongst travelers each year.

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