Worldquest Travel Club states that Denver is a destination vacation provider that can get families the vacation accommodations that they want for amazingly low rates. As the summer travel season quickly approaches, millions of families around the world are planning their 2014 summer vacations. While it is no secret that states like Florida, California, and New York, offer travelers unforgettable vacation opportunities, there are plenty of other places throughout the United States with something truly special to offer to traveling families.

For families who enjoy a little bit of patriotic history Worldquest Travel Club recommends that families head to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. This living-history museum is a favorite amongst travelers for a number of reasons. Mainly, families love the interactions that the actors provide guests, with questions about daily life in colonial America being answered authentically.

Visitors can come into contact with actors portraying historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington.Right down the road from Colonial Williamsburg is a much more modernized theme park: Busch Gardens.

Worldquest Travel Club knows that both parents and children of all ages will enjoy this thrilling theme park

Busch Gardens Williamsburg is full of exotic animals like wolves, eagles, parrots, Clydesdales, and more. The park also features exciting rides like Apollo’s Chariot, Griffon, as well as plenty of kid-friendly rides. Visitors to Busch Gardens can enjoy plenty of dining and shopping options, and Water Country USA is right around the corner to cool off during those summer days when it gets hot.

After the theme parks, Worldquest Travel Club  suggests that families check out the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum for an exciting look at a wide variety of objects. With over 350 exhibits, the museum boasts items like movie props from Transformers and Star Wars, as well as two different 4D shows, a laser race, and a huge candy shop that hosts over 150 flavors of candy. Best of all, the museum is open late all throughout the summer months.

With these great Williamsburg attractions in mind, Worldquest Travel Club is positive that families will have plenty to do, should they decide to travel here.