Sometimes a road trip includes bringing a pet with you. WorldQuest Travel Club believes that any given amount of time longer than a day can be risky when leaving a pet at home, and bringing them along on the trip might just be more convenient. However, it’s not always easy to have those animals in the car, as it can be inconvenient, or even dangerous.

  • Here are a few tips by WorldQuest Travel Club to make traveling with a pet so much easier.
    Keep them out of the driver or passenger’s seat area, as this can be a potential danger if they decide to jump in the driver’s lap. They could either get scared of something, get distracted by what the driver is doing, or even having them that close can be a distraction. Keep them in the back seat, as it will be least distracting for the driver.


  • Make sure they’re restrained somehow, especially if they’re high strung. Whether they’re in the back seat or not, a high-energy pet can be quite distracting, especially if they try to jump into the driver’s area. Use a well-ventilated kennel, or even a pet safety belt so that they stay in place and keep the drive safe.


  • Be sure to make pit stops for the pet, whether it’s to feed them, let them go to the bathroom, or let them drink some water. Unlike kids, pets can’t tell us when they need something, so stopping frequently and letting them eat, go to the bathroom, or hydrate themselves would be not only nice for the pet, but also to prevent any sort of accident or distraction during the trip.

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