As a destination vacation provider, Worldquest Travel Club is honored to help travelers make the most of a vacation wherever they go. It is a fact that there is an endless array of wonderful destinations to visit within the United States as well as abroad. As a result, the real challenge with planning a vacation is to decide where to actually go. This is why the best locations named by travel experts will help ensure that a vacation is something special and can be enjoyed to the fullest.


Beaches are especially popular to visit during the summer, when temperatures are warm and the sun shines brightly. Oftentimes, the best beaches are ones that have remained unspoiled for years. Others are popular destinations filled with people and activities to experience, which has its own unique appeal. Regardless of the level of development and activity, any beach that is visited will surely provide vacationers with a relaxing experience while taking in the sunshine and the sea breezes.

Worldquest Travel Club is pleased to review

the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand. Having been featured in several movies, these tropical islands have been hardly disturbed and are ideal for beach lovers who enjoy natural beauty and peace. With waters that can vary from green to turquoise and opportunities to scuba dive and explore the unique aquatic life, the Phi Phi Islands are an excellent place to visit the beach as well as the surrounding area.

Hawaii is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, volcanoes and luaus. Of particular note is Poipu Beach in Southern Kauai. It is the perfect place to enjoy the sun hitting the beach with lots of exciting opportunities for surfers to catch the perfect wave. One great option is to tour the area in a helicopter for a completely different perspective of the islands.

Another beach recommended Worldquest Travel Club is Pink Sands Beach in the Bahamas. The area is appropriately named, as the three miles of beach here actually pink, due to the unique environment of the ocean in that area. Comprised of 24 acres worth of island, Pink Sands Beach is a must visit area when in the Bahamas.